Borderline: The Story of 8 Mile Road


Borderline: The Story of 8 Mile Road

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Borderline: The Story of 8 Mile Road This program captures the spirit and eccentricity of metro Detroit's most provocative thoroughfare.

No other road in Michigan evokes a response like the one you get when you mention 8 Mile. From topless dancers and the neighborhood groups that battle them, to storefront preachers and the homeless people they minister, 8 Mile remains our areas most notorious boundary.

Thoughtful commentary from Jerry Herron, Director of American Studies, and Ronald Stephens; associate Professor of Communication (both from Wayne State University) provide context and analysis. The documentary also features an interview with Mr. Belvedere (his office is on 8 Mile) as well as clips from some of his classic commercials. Part history, part pop culture, this film like a ride down 8 mile, is both thought provoking and entertaining.

What ’s great about BORDERLINE is the sheer enjoyability of it's a quirky, thoroughly enjoyable, mini-portrait of Detroit... "
(3 Stars!) Detroit MetroTimes
" much fun..."Detroit Free Press

Written and Produced by Gary Glaser and Dave Toorongian
Directed by Gary Glaser
Narrated by Kim Hunter


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Emmy Winning Documentary 

The one and only Mr. Belvedere was a commercial staple on local Detroit television stations. This clip features an interview with the affable construction company owner/TV pitchman at his office on 8 Mile. From our Emmy winning documentary "Borderline: The Story of 8 Mile Road". This clip includes some snippets from his many commercials.