Motor City Memoir
Thursday, November 6, 2008
  Shoot first; ask questions later
You are a great story teller....that one ended with a bang! No pun intended. :)
I love these stories. My grandpa grew up on the East Side and at times I wish he told us more. He remembers collecting tin and pots and pans during the depression, as well as his days as a bell boy. He also served in WWII in Germany. Oral traditions need to be passed on, and I am so glad you are doing it too, for whomever comes along! It seems like a lost art. It's nice to see them being told in video format face-to-face, as the web's usual medium may make these stories hard to read if they got too long. I love that you're filming them in context, which really brings them home. Also I love the boyhood stories of adventure, which seem to be fading from modern childhoods. The gun story got me rolling! Thanks for sharing stories with such humor and heart!
No swords in the home?

Great Video.
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